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Baby to toddler

Video: How does sleep work for babies and toddlers?

9m 4s

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  • Video: Routine for babies and toddlers

    From the age of 4 months, routines begin to play a prominent role in your baby’s life. Morning naps, naps at noon and afternoon naps are completely normal and evolve with your baby’s age. What are the purposes of these naps? Where are these naps best taken? And how do you make sure your baby cont...

  • Video: Feeding

    What elements show that your child is ready for solid foods? What is the evolution of this and what about the evolution of night feeds? Find out in this third video of the Baby to toddler program.

  • Video: Ups and downs

    Ups and downs in your baby’s sleep routine are quite normal. Your baby experiences sleep regressions and may suffer from separation anxiety. One of the big culprits for sleep problems: teeth. Or so we think. In practice, things look a little different and you will find out in this latest video.