Emotional eating

Emotional eating

6 Episodes

Do you catch yourself eating more at stressful times? Is food central to stress and happiness? During this program you will discover with dietician Lore Ceulemans how to deal with emotional eating and eating habits. You learn to recognize emotional eating. With the hands-on tips you can easily get emotional eating under control.

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Emotional eating
  • Video: Awareness

    Episode 1

    Are you an emo eater or do you engage in emotional eating behavior? What behaviors are involved in emo eating? And can you change your mindset? Nutrition coach and dietician Lore Ceulemans answers all these questions.

  • Emotional eating: ABC test

    3.97 MB

    Download the ABC test that accompanies the Emotional eating program here.

  • Video: Learning to recognize

    Episode 2

    How do you recognize emotional eating behavior? And does everyone engage in emotional eating in one way or another? In this video, Lore Ceulemans makes sure you learn how to recognize emotional eating behavior.

  • Video: The story of yourself

    Episode 3

    The story of yourself starts in childhood and determines how you see "the truth" as an adult. In this video, Lore Ceulemans explains how your childhood may have determined your eating behavior.

  • Video: What your thoughts do to you

    Episode 4

    Our thoughts have taken us very far in our lives, but they can also hinder us. Lore explains the connection between our thoughts and emotional eating behaviors in this video.

  • Video: Values

    Episode 5

    What do you want your life to be about? Is that an easy question for you or not? And do you really live by your own values? Nutrition coach and dietician Lore Ceulemans gives you some assignments, so you will never lose sight of your values again.

  • Video: Retrospective

    Episode 6

    Time for a quick recap of the Emotional eating program. What are the most important things you should definitely take with you into the future? Lore Ceulemans is happy to recap them for you.