Get grip on your energy levels

Get grip on your energy levels

9 Episodes

Is your daily life busy, busy, busy? Do you want to do everything perfectly but have too little time? Coaches Ellen Schouppe and Tara Kuklis will help you during this program to bring out the best in yourself, without a huge effort. You will learn to identify your personal energy givers and takers. You will also be introduced to the four sub-domains of energy and discover how you can use them to improve your energy levels and quality of life.

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Get grip on your energy levels
  • Video: KOPMAN wheel

    Episode 1

    Those who think of energy quickly think of physical energy. But energy consists of four different subdomains. Using the Kopman Wheel, sports psychologists Ellen Schouppe and Tara Kuklis take you through these subdomains.

  • Video: Importance of balance & operation of sub-domains as communicating vessels

    Episode 2

    The four sub-domains of energy work continuously as communicating vessels. But what exactly do we mean by this? And how do these sub-domains keep each other in balance?

  • Video: Physical energy

    Episode 3

    If there is one group that has a lot of physical energy and also uses it, it is top athletes. Ellen and Tara explain in this video what you can learn from top athletes. Discover a few handy best practices.

  • Video: Mental energy

    Episode 4

    What is mental energy? How can you work on this and how can you charge it to the maximum? Do you know the importance of acceptance and how this is linked to energy? Get inspired with some hands-on tips, so you can immediately put theory into practice.

  • Video: Circles of control

    Episode 5

    What influence can you exert on your energy eaters and energy consumers? And can you actually influence or have control over every situation? Using the circles of control, Ellen and Tara give you more insights into this.

  • Video: Relational energy

    Episode 6

    To what extent does your environment affect your energy level? How important is it to make connections and how does this affect your relational energy? The third sub-domain of energy focuses entirely on the people in your (close) environment.

  • Video: Jenny van den Brandt - Exercise snack Get grip on your energy levels

    Episode 7

    Are you always busy, busy, busy? Do you not get around to exercise, but would really like to integrate this into your daily life? Sports and exercise coach Jenny van den Brandt gives you some tips on how to do this in a feasible way, so you can always feel a new dose of positive energy flowing th...

  • Video: Existential energy

    Episode 8

    Why is it that elite athletes are so eager to get on a national team? Why is this precisely their goal? This has everything to do with existential energy, the fourth sub-domain that Ellen and Tara tell you all about.

  • Video: Program recap

    Episode 9

    Time for a brief summary of the Get grip on your energy levels course. What exactly are your energy guzzlers and energy givers? How do you make optimal use of the four sub-domains of energy and how do you keep them in balance? Make a short summary for yourself and from now on go through life with...