Healthy food for thought

Healthy food for thought

8 Episodes

Do you feel that healthy cooking takes too much time? Do you also find nutrition labels so complicated? Join dietician Michaël Sels on the road to a long and healthy life, without spending hours in the kitchen. You will gain insight into how your body uses food. This way you will also learn what the healthiest choices are for you. We focus on more instead of less.

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Healthy food for thought
  • Video: Diary

    Episode 1

    Are you ready to live a long and healthy life? Take a look at yourself. Where are you in the journey to the fittest version of yourself? Write in the diary of Michaël Sels for one week when, what and how much you eat. On the basis of this you will quickly discover which quick wins can give you a ...

  • Healthy food for thought - Diary

    2.54 MB

    Download your diary here and gain insights into your own eating habits.

  • Video: Life hacks

    Episode 2

    More, more, more. These are not the words you expect to hear from a dietician. But it is one of the "Healthy food for though" hacks by Michaël Sels. Without making any major changes, you will immediately make a big leap towards your Long-Lived Life.

  • Recipes: Plant-based breakfast

    339 KB

    Discover the best breakfast recipes starring vegetables here.

  • Video: Healthy snacking

    Episode 3

    Healthy snacking, is it possible? How do you make a healthy choice in the supermarket? A good-long-life choice? With the tips of Michaël Sels you can eat your snacks without worrying.

  • Recipes: Healthy snacks

    3.63 MB

    Discover the recipe for delicious snacks here.

  • Video: Micro vs. macro

    Episode 4

    Time to take the next step toward a Healthy Long Life. In this video, you get a piece of the science. How exactly is food composed? Food is knowledge and with this information you will make the right choices during your supermarket safari.

  • Video: To blame

    Episode 5

    What culprits are causing you to have a difficult relationship with food? Not only are you responsible for the choices you make, but marketers are also steering you in a certain direction. Discover the four possible culprits.

  • Recipes - Plant based

    498 KB

    Discover delicious plant-based recipes here.

  • Video: Nutrition and movement

    Episode 6

    Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. The link between these two aspects is explained to you by Michaël Sels in this video.

  • Video: Jenny van den Brandt - Exercise snack Healthy food for thought

    Episode 7

    What is the power of combining nutrition and exercise? How do these two factors always go hand in hand? Sports and exercise coach Jenny van den Brandt links exercise to nutrition for you, so you not only eat healthy but also feel good about yourself.

  • Recipes: Sport friendly nutrition

    211 KB

    Discover some delicious recipes for sport friendly food here.

  • Video: Keep going till you're 85

    Episode 8

    In the past four weeks, you have taken many steps toward a long and healthy life. The most important thing? Persevering and preferably until you are 85. Discover the ultimate tips from Michaël.