Healthy planty food for thought

Healthy planty food for thought

5 Episodes

Do you feel that healthy cooking takes too much time? Do you also find food labels so complicated? Join dietician Michaël Sels on his journey to a long life without spending hours in the kitchen. You will gain insight into how your body uses nutrition. You will learn what the healthiest choices are for you. We focus on more instead of less.

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Healthy planty food for thought
  • Video: Let's start

    Episode 1

    Are you ready to eat more plant-based dishes? First we zoom in on your current habits. Write in the diary of Michaël Sels for one week when, what and how much you eat. On the basis of this you will quickly discover which quick-plant-wins can give you a good result.

  • Healthy planty food for thought - Diary

    2.54 MB

    Download your diary here and gain insights into your own eating habits.

  • Video: Planetary Plate

    Episode 2

    Eating is knowing. In this video Michaël Sels goes deeper with you into your diet. It is important to make decisions with the right basic knowledge in mind. Don't be seduced by marketing talk anymore!

  • Recipes: Plant-based breakfast

    339 KB

    Discover the best recipes for a plant-based breakfast here.

  • Video: Meat substitutes

    Episode 3

    Plant-based foods can be the star on your plate. But how do you put together a good menu? What do you put in your shopping cart and what not? The Nutri-score is a very useful tool here, especially if you like to discover new meat substitutes.

  • Recipes: Fully vegetable

    368 KB

    Discover some delicious fully plant-based recipes here.

  • Recipe: Beetroot burger

    341 KB

    Discover the recipe for a delicious beetroot burger here.

  • Video : Flavor

    Episode 4

    How to prepare a delicious, healthy, plant-based and tasty dish? In this video Michaël Sels keeps making the link between science and healthy, tasty food. Because what exactly ensures that a dish is tasty and healthy at all levels?

  • Recipe: Homemade chocolate paste

    285 KB

    Discover the delicious recipe of homemade chocolate paste here.

  • Recipe: Sport friendly and plant-based nutrition

    211 KB

    Discover delicious sports friendly and plant-based foods here.

  • Video: Recap and sustainability

    Episode 5

    How did your course Healthy planty food for thought go? What were the eye-openers for you during this course? In this last video Michaël Sels gives you a few practical tips, so you can maintain your new and healthy lifestyle for a long time.