How to feel energized

How to feel energized

12 Episodes

Do you feel like you are always chasing the facts? Are you not getting me-time scheduled in this rat race? This program is perfect for anyone who needs more energy and me-time. Together with coach Jenny van den Brandt you get to work. She will give you the tools that will help you on your way to more energetic and joyful days! So you learn to feel good without completely changing your agenda!

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How to feel energized
  • Video: Energized: Core workout

    Episode 1

    Time to focus on your full core. During this workout you are going to tighten all your abdominal muscles and put them to work. You don't need much, just a mat and a healthy portion of gusto.

  • Video: Energized: KOPMAN wheel

    Episode 2

    Anyone who thinks of energy quickly thinks of physical energy. But energy consists of four different subdomains. Using the Kopman wheel, sports psychologists Ellen Schouppe and Tara Kuklis take you through these subdomains.

  • Video: Energized: Yoga Nidra 1

    Episode 3

    This Yoga Nidra focuses on the breath and you will work on it with Ian. Bring your attention completely to your breathing and to the movement of your belly. And see what this does to you.

  • Video: Energized: Full body workout

    Episode 4

    Short but sweet, that's the perfect way to describe this full-body workout. During three tracks, exercise coach Jenny van den Brandt puts your entire body to work.

  • Video: Energized: Healthy snacking

    Episode 5

    Healthy snacking, is it possible? How do you make a healthy choice in the supermarket? A good-long-life choice? With Michaƫl Sels' tips, you can eat your snacks without worry.

  • Video: Energized: Exercise snack 1

    Episode 6

    Are you looking for a way to interrupt your workday? Do you feel you are becoming less and less productive throughout the day? Sports and exercise coach at Move To Happiness Jenny van den Brandt provides you with some fun exercise snacks, so you can stay the fittest version of yourself even at th...

  • Video: Energized: Booty workout

    Episode 7

    Fall in love with the burn, this workout did not steal its name. The burning sensation in your body brings change and that's what we're going for.

  • Video: Energized: Digital connection

    Episode 8

    What is the importance of a digital detox? The many digital devices have a major impact on our lives. But is that impact always negative? Wellbeing coach Ann De Bisschop helps you get started and shows you the benefits of a digital detox.

  • Video: Energized: Yoga Nidra 2

    Episode 9

    During this second Yoga Nidra of the How to feel energized, you will work with Ian on indirect muscle relaxation. We start with the breathing technique we taught ourselves during the first Yoga Nidra.

  • Video: Energized: Cardio workout

    Episode 10

    A cardio workout without jumping? Working out barefoot? Check and check with this cardio workout! Low impact with great results.

  • Video: Energized: Breathe your stress away

    Episode 11

    How do you make sure you have less stress? Can you breathe away stress? Inge Declercq explains all about Heart Coherence Breathing (HCAH) in this video: what is it, how to do it and how often is best to do it?

  • Video: Energized: Exercise snack 2

    Episode 12

    Do you feel yourself getting slower and slower throughout the day? Is there no energy left in your body? Then it's time for a new exercise snack from coach Jenny van den Brandt!