How to get back in shape

How to get back in shape

12 Episodes

Do you want to work on your fitness? Looking for short workouts that will give your metabolism a real boost? Get started with a ready-made workout program. You will immediately have more energy and lifeless days will be a thing of the past. More vitality, more fitness and physical benefits! You will work towards a fitter body in an accessible way.

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How to get back in shape
  • Video: Booty - Short, not cute

    Episode 1

    Ready for your first workout of the How to get back in shape program? Jenny van den Brandt, sports and exercise coach at Move To Happiness, is totally ready for it! Your first workout will be a short one, but you will definitely feel it.

  • Video: Full body - Get energized

    Episode 2

    Your second workout is a Full body workout. Your belly, legs and buttocks are immediately put to work. You will feel a lot of energy flowing through your body.

  • Video: Core - Strengthen your powerhouse

    Episode 3

    This third workout is all about strengthening your powerhouse. All movements of your body start from your core. Even when you sit or stand, your core carries your body. So it's time to strengthen it.

  • Video: Full body - From upper to lower body

    Episode 4

    Week two we start with a new Full body workout. Both your upper body and lower body will be covered in this intensive workout.

  • Video: Full body - Find your energy

    Episode 5

    Find your energy together with sports and exercise coach Jenny van den Brandt. Feel the energy flow through your body, both during and after the workout.

  • Video: Core - 360 core engagement

    Episode 6

    360 degree core activation: we'll put your straight, oblique abs, and lower back muscles to work. Let's work those abs!

  • Video: Booty - Let's shape it

    Episode 7

    This second booty workout is all about shaping and showing off your legs. All leg muscles will be addressed and you will undoubtedly feel that.

  • Video: Full body - Full body power

    Episode 8

    During this workout you will go for full body power together with sports and exercise coach Jenny van den Brandt. All your muscle groups will be addressed, so get ready!

  • Video: Core - Push your limits

    Episode 9

    Your third core workout will focus on all sides of your abdominal muscles: front, back and sides. We will not forget our lower back either, which you will strengthen during the workout.

  • Video: Booty - Work your beautiful behind

    Episode 10

    On the schedule today: Booty! This time you do need an object; a chair. Curious? Let's start! Feel the burn, love the burn.

  • Video: Full body - Heartrate

    Episode 11

    Have you got the routine down? Yes? Then you are definitely ready for this new Full body: tummy, legs, buttocks. Let's shape your beautiful body.

  • Video: Core - Step away from your comfort zone

    Episode 12

    Wow! How amazingly you did that already. The very last workout of 'how to get back in shape'? That deserves an extra tough core workout! Be proud of yourself. Great work!