Lose Weight

Lose Weight

9 Episodes

Have you already tried several diets without long-lasting results? Do you want to enjoy and be healthy? Feel better about yourself with short but effective workouts and hands-on nutrition tips. During this program you will learn to develop healthy exercise and nutrition habits to get those extra pounds off, and keep them off. You will work towards a fitter body in an accessible way. Lifeless days are history for you.

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Lose Weight
  • Video: Booty Boost

    Episode 1

    Booty boost, your first workout video! During this workout you put your major muscle groups to work. This means a lot of activation of muscle fibers, ideal for speeding up your metabolism.

  • Recipe: Beetroot burger

    347 KB

    Discover the delicious recipe for a beetroot burger here.

  • Video: Cardio - Low impact

    Episode 2

    A cardio workout without jumping? Working out in bare feet? Check and check with this cardio workout! Low impact with great results.

  • Video: Full body strength - 1

    Episode 3

    In this full body workout you put your entire body to work. You train your lower body, core and upper body to the rhythm of the music.

  • Recipe: Carrot cake oatmeal porridge

    279 KB

    Discover the delicious recipe for Carrot cake oatmeal here.

  • Video: Cardio - No jumping

    Episode 4

    During this cardio workout, you can expect a high heart rate, lots of heat and masses of energy!

  • Video: Booty Burn

    Episode 5

    Booty burn, the name says it all: it's going to burn and you're going to feel it. During this workout you will train your major muscle groups. Time to put those legs and buttocks to work.

  • Recipe: Tomato farci

    961 KB

    Discover the recipe Tomato Farci here.

  • Recipe: Homemade chocolate paste

    284 KB

    Discover the delicious Homemade chocolate paste recipe here.

  • Video: Cardio - Medium impact / Introduction to HIIT

    Episode 6

    In this third cardio workout, you put all parts of your body to work. Lower body, upper body and core are trained at the same time. The high heart rates ensure an increased metabolism and more calorie burn.

  • Video: Full body strength - 2

    Episode 7

    Time to discover the power of your entire body and to ignite it in this full body strength workout. There are powerful exercises for the whole body. We go from upper to lower body and finish with a strong core activation.

  • Video: Core / cardio - Medium impact

    Episode 8

    Ready for your final cardio workout? This workout will dish up a lot of cardio moves for you. We focus mainly on core.

  • Video: Bonus - Insane intervals

    Episode 9

    During this Insane intervals workout, you will work in different intervals. For example, you will be in action for 40 seconds each time and then have a 20 second rest break. The goal of this workout? To get your heart rate up. Energy flows through your body and your entire body goes to work!