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Self Reflection

Video: Meditation to Alleviate Stress (11 minutes)


Up Next in Season 1

  • Video: Yoga Nidra - Conscious breathing

    Time for part two of this first week. In this Yoga Nidra, breathing is key and you will work on this with Ian. Bring your attention fully to your breath and the movement of your belly. And see what this does to you.

  • Video: Recap Week 1

    We close the week with a short recap. Review for yourself what you learned during this first week. Did you notice a difference in your stress level? Do you notice that you started to pay more attention to your breathing, consciously or unconsciously.

  • Video: Meditation for the Negative Mi...

    A new week means a new meditation. This meditation is for the negative mind, our fastest mind. This mind aims to protect us from stressful situations. Again, you work with Ian with your breathing.