Start to move

Start to move

12 Episodes

Are you looking for an accessible sports program? Do you start with high spirits, but persistence is difficult? The "Start to move" program is a perfect starter for anyone who wants to exercise more, but doesn't do it for lack of time or motivation. You will be guided by coach Jenny van den Brandt and work step by step on your fitness and self-confidence. Get started with short workouts, no big time investment needed.

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Start to move
  • Video: Full body workout - 1

    Episode 1

    It's great that you have chosen the Start to move program and that you want to bring more movement into your daily life! Sports and exercise coach Jenny van den Brandt at Move To Happiness is eager to get started. Time for your first full body workout!

  • Video: Core workout - 1

    Episode 2

    Time to focus on your full core. During this workout you are going to tighten all your abdominal muscles and put them to work. You don't need much, just a mat and a healthy portion of enthusiasm.

  • Video: Cardio workout - 1

    Episode 3

    Your third workout of this Start to move program is a cardio workout. This workout has nothing but benefits: the movements put multiple body parts to work at once, your heart rate goes sky high and your metabolism is increased. A real win-win.

  • Video: Full body workout - 2

    Episode 4

    Short but sweet, that's how you can describe this full body workout perfectly. During three tracks the exercise coach Jenny van den Brandt will put your whole body to work.

  • Video: Booty workout - 1

    Episode 5

    Time for your first booty workout. During two tracks you will put your leg muscles in motion together with sports and exercise coach Jenny van den Brandt. You'll turn on the largest muscle group in your body and create heat.

  • Video: Cardio workout - 2

    Episode 6

    Time for a new cardio workout! Together with Jenny van den Brandt you will put all your body parts to work at the same time for optimal results.

  • Video: Full body workout - 3

    Episode 7

    Week three of your Start to move program we'll kick things off with a new Full body workout. For three tracks you will put every muscle group of your body to work.

  • Video: Core workout - 2

    Episode 8

    Even in week three, you won't escape a new core workout. So time to put those abs of yours to work again.

  • Video: Cardio workout - 3

    Episode 9

    During this third cardio workout of the Start to move program, there are lots of moves to get your heart rate up. From bounces to jumping jacks, they're all in there.

  • Video: Full body workout - 4

    Episode 10

    Squats, legwork, core... It's all there in your fourth and final full body workout of this Start to move program. Sports and exercise coach Jenny van den Brandt is ready for it. Are you too? Let's go!

  • Video: Booty workout - 2

    Episode 11

    Ready for your second Booty workout? Coat those leg and butt muscles already, because it's time to put them to work.

  • Video: Cardio workout - 4

    Episode 12

    Time to end this last week and your Start to move program with an increased heart rate. Coach Jenny van den Brandt takes you on one last run during this cardio workout.