Stronger than stress

Stronger than stress

13 Episodes

Do you suffer from stress on a regular basis? Do you often feel tense or irritable? Does stress cause you to sleep worse?
Discover practical and scientifically based tips that will help you experience less stress. Examine your own current situation and discover how you can develop on a personal level. Learn about the connection between stress, exercise and sleep.

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Stronger than stress
  • Questionnaire: Quick Scan

    3 MB

    Fill in the questionnaire of the Stronger than Stress program here.

  • Checkbox - Stronger than stress

    1.12 MB

    Download the Checkbox of the Stronger than stress program here.

  • Video: Acknowledge your stress(levels)

    Episode 1

    Do you experience a lot of stress? What was your score after filling in the questionnaire at the start of this trajectory? And wat does this score mean exactly? Dr. Inge Declercq gives you more information and puts you on track to become stronger than your stress in this first video.

  • Video: Link between stress and (bad) sleep

    Episode 2

    What is the link between stress and (poor) sleep? Are you often over-stimulated? "Tired but wired", is this a quote you recognize yourself in? Inge explains more about the 4 A's and how they can help you.

  • Video: Tool 1: Breathe your stress away

    Episode 3

    Why does breathing reduce your stress? What is belly breathing? Through different tools Dr. Inge Declercq makes sure you can reduce your stress through breathing exercises.

  • Wrap-up: Part 1

    2.15 MB

    Download the wrap-up of Part 1 of the Stronger than stress program here.

  • Video: Tool 2: Body scan

    Episode 5

    Have you ever thought about performing a body scan? Not a physically demanding test, but a visualization technique? Do this together with Inge in video 4 of your course.

  • Video: Tool 3: Draw Zen-tangles

    Episode 5

    Can you draw your stress away from you? And how exactly do you do that? Zen tangles are the solution here! What exactly these are and how to get started, you'll see in this video.

  • Video: Tool 4: (mind-)map your stress

    Episode 6

    Using a mind map to map your stress, it's an effective way to find out where your stress is coming from and then what you can do about it. Find out all about it in this new video.

  • Video: Ian Moerbeek - Yoga vs. Stress

    Episode 7

    Can yoga help you get your stress levels down? Ian Moerbeek has prepared an interesting exercise for you. Watch the video, test the exercise and feel your stress level drop.

  • Wrap-up: Part 2

    2.15 MB

    Download the wrap-up of Part 2 of the Stronger than stress program here.

  • Video: From the acute reaction to the adaptive respons

    Episode 8

    How can you move from acute stress reactions to a more adaptive response? How do you make your stress your ally? Learn to deal with stress in a different way so that it no longer holds you back.

  • Video: Tool 5: Change your perspective

    Episode 9

    Look at your stressful situations from a different perspective. What does this do to you? Dr. Inge Declercq gives you specific tips to deal with stress in a more positive, helpful and rational way.

  • Video: Tool 6: Adaptive stress coping

    Episode 10

    How do you deal with stress in an adaptive way? Thanks to this video you learn to simply say 'no' and you get other tips to deal with your stress in a different way.

  • Wrap-up: Part 3

    2.15 MB

    Download the wrap-up of Part 3 of the Stronger than stress program here.

  • Video: Tool 7: Make a 360° tour around your stress problem

    Episode 11

    Time to get to the heart of the matter. Adaptive, daring, confrontational and critical handling of your stress problem. It is a 360° tour around your stress problem. In several steps, Dr. Inge Declercq helps you on your way.

  • Video: Jenny van den Brandt - Exercise snack Stronger than Stress

    Episode 12

    How does more exercise help against stress? Jenny van den Brandt, sports and exercise coach at Move To Happiness, helps you get started with an exercise snack.

  • 360° Tour

    1.12 MB

    Download the 360° tour of the Stronger than stress program here.

  • Video: Recap

    Episode 13

    In this last video of the program Stronger than stress Dr. Inge Declercq goes through all the important techniques and tips to run your stress into an ally. Make a note of what you learned thanks to this program and start using it today!

  • Stronger than stress: Recap

    2.15 MB

    Download the recap of the Stronger than stress program here.